Lake Victoria

T + 6

Today we had our first full INSET day so a full day in work. The usual round of meetings. Strangely I may be 3000 miles away across the globe, but many of the issues and discussions are very similar to those in the UK. The principal difference being the size of school.

Tonight we traveled to Lake Victoria – to Tunza Lodge where we had a meal and a drink watching the sun going down. The Lake is so large it seems to be a sea. It even had waves. It was a nice way to end the day.

10 responses to “Lake Victoria

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  3. Heather Sandiford

    Wow ! What a lovely place you’ve landed in! It can’t seem real – going to school/work in such a setting!

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  4. Looks absolutely beautiful!

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  5. In all the discussions it is all about the well being of the children in your care, and that is the desire of every teacher in every part of the world. Loved the pictures of Lake Victoria and the finger nail moon. 😑 ✔️ Hard to believe you have been there a week in two days time!!


  6. Wow the view is amazing .Were all good thanks ,Bill starts a new job next year not going as far as you though ,he’ll be working in France 2weeks on 2 weeks off xxx

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  7. Wonderful photos. 😊 True though that no matter where you are, the same matters arise.
    Love the Moon photo. Have you seen the Southern Cross yet?


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