T Zero (TZ)

After 198 days, we reach the day we have been looking forward to, T ZERO, TZ for short which is the two digit code for Tanzania 😉

In the past six months this blog has been viewed over 23000 times, we have made 385 posts and garnered over 1000 comments with visitors from 140 countries. Thanks for following our journey.

The first post was Wow! And the same is true today Wow!

Today some last minute stuffing of suitcases, a trip to the airport some sad goodbyes and then we’ll be off.

By tonight we will be away from the UK; all sorting, clearing, selling, dumping, packing over!

The journey from Milton Keynes to Mwanza will have been complete by tomorrow. The next phase will begin and the blog will follow our lives abroad.

I have completed a goal to blog each day until departure. I hope to produce some scheduled blog posts to tide us over the weekend, but posting from Africa will almost certainly reduce but we hope to share our experiences in a new place, our new home – Mwanza Tanzania.



6 responses to “TZ

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  3. This is not the ending of the way only the beginning, so starts a wonderful new episode in your llives HIS powerful hand has rested on all the arrangements so relax in HIS care and trust all that HE will provide in the next few weeks and in the months ahead. Can’t wait to hear all your news fron TZ. Fondest love to you all. Mum/Jane/Nana xxxx 😊 👍


  4. A most fabulous series of blog posts since it all began on T -198 Many, many people have shared the journey with you, as the challenges came, and went; as the experiences and memories ebbed and flowed along the past 6 months.
    I feel privileged to have been with you all on the journey. Bon voyage, as you embark on the next, amazing, exciting phase of the journey!
    Looking forward to the next post whenever that shall be.
    God bless 👍😊💚


  5. Good luck on your adventure! Hope things go well and you get there safely. Have fun! Helen x


  6. Heather Sandiford

    And all our love and good wishes and prayers and hopes for a wonderful new future go with you too. We’ll miss you so much and avidly read everything you send back to keep us involved in your new life. With God in the centre of everything you plan and do, we know you will be safe and fulfilled and He will lead you into a great future. We’ll be watching this space …!!

    our love to you all

    Heather & Geoff, Mum & Dad, Grandma & Grandad xxxx


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