Bon Voyage, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

T Zero

Different languages, different ways of saying farewell.

French – Bon Voyage

Translates as “Good Journey”.

We are going on a journey, to a far flung place. We believe it will be good, for us as a family and hopefully the place we will go.

German – Auf Wiedersehen

Translates as “Until We Meet Again”.

Two years is a long time but we will be back in two years to see our friends and family. We hope this new life will stretch longer into the future but we will be back in two years.

English – Goodbye

Literally means “God be with you”.

We believe that God has been in this and will continue to be with us as we start out on this new adventure.

So in all these senses of goodbye we are heading out to Tanzania. We hope you can join us on this blog too!

By the way the word for Goodbye in Kiswahili is Kwaheri ( with luck!)

3 responses to “Bon Voyage, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

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  3. Bon Voyage!! You all did very well. Just go with the flow. Our prayers are with you and following you. Sleep well.
    With fondest love. Mum and Stephen
    PS We’re in Sainsburys car park!! Lol


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