We’re Back!

T Minus 1

Fittingly we are back in Milton Keynes for our last full day. It is familiar as if we haven’t left, but yet strange to think that we won’t see this place again for a few years. We’re here to collect Matt’s GCSE Results. However we are using the opportunity to catch up with friends one last time, visit my daughter’s old guinea pigs at other friends. We also have a last round of injections and some last minute purchases. However, just at the moment I ‘m enjoying a (last?) coffee at Costa.
Leaving here today will be bitter – sweet, but we will leave with fond memories. Goodbye MK.

3 responses to “We’re Back!

  1. Safe journey and best wishes to you all for your fantastic adventure.


  2. I’ve been following your blog for a while- it’s so exciting that you’re finally going! Have fun!


  3. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Let us know where you are and if there is anything you need or want to know! I’m wondering who you are flying with and if you will be arriving on a plane with Tim’s parents! We may see you at the airport! And don’t worry, you can have a coffee here … maybe not a Costa, but it is coffee! Love the Mongers


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