Family Send Off – Part 2

T Minus 5

Today we were going to Bicester to visit Anita’s cousin (Owen) to celebrate his birthday; except we weren’t!
We left Lincoln at 11am and were immediately caught in heavy traffic which delayed a little. Our destination was MK for a brief return visit to pick up Matt who had been away with the church youth group we arrived at the same time they did (at approx 1:40pm) and travelled on to Bicester. Arriving we found to our surprise not just Owen but a large number of Anita’s family; such a lovely surprise. It was a barbecue in our honour and a going away cake made by Grace. So our last weekend has been a weekend of send offs and a great way to say goodbye to family.







4 responses to “Family Send Off – Part 2

  1. What an amazing cake ,and lovely surprise.


  2. it is sad to leave where you have always called home I feel so sad but I warmly welcome you guys to Mwanza city


  3. And what a stunning cake!!! 👍😊


  4. Ah, that’s a lovely surprise! 😊


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