Limited Living

T Minus 11

We are lucky that on both campsites ( Newquay and here in Cheddar) we have had the option of Wifi. This has been great especially for the blog :-).
Even so there are limits!

The speed is a lot slower than we are used to. It took as long as it took me to type that last sentence to upload the picture of the view of the hills and Cheddar Gorge (left of picture above shed)
IMG_8361.JPG We’re not complaining, because that’s significantly more than the mobile phone signal.
Another limit is download (1GB), not that we’re downloading music or videos – but obviously it’s potentially a constraint. We are used to high speed reliable internet connectivity, a plethora of digital devices, mobile connectivity which is reasonably consistent (in our towns at least).

Limited connectivity by speed or data usage is unusual for us, but all this is a taste of things to come – the speeds and download limits will apply in Tanzania too and it’s something we will need to adjust too (especially the kids).
The transition from Western developed society to an African developing society is going to be a big one. Even though I am working in a British Curriculum school amongst an ex-pat community we will still feel the difference. We believe the experience is going to be worth it. Even so in the dog days of our European life, it’s dawning on us how much the world is about to change – in some ways 10 days under canvas is good preparatation.

2 responses to “Limited Living

  1. Felt I should reply to show internet does work here, but yes be ready to be limited and download anything big before you come! I get 6GB for £10 a month which does fine….Looking forward to welcoming you all here, have a great time camping. Rob Bousie


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