Giving It Up

T Minus 12

Sitting here on a very windy (remnants of Hurricane Bertha) field at Petruth Paddocks in Cheddar and reflecting back on the past few months – it’s amazing to think how much “stuff” we had and how much we have got rid of. Living life in the UK we have accumulated so much. Not only the “stuff” but the house itself. It has been the most challenging part of moving out of MK.
From a worldly perspective this has all been foolish, we do believe however, God has a plan and we are just taking the first step. Both at church today (Cheddar Community Church) and in New Wine video we watched at Anita’s cousin (Phil’s) house, the theme was very much about taking risks and seeing it through; living with freedom to do anything, but with responsibility to do the right things.
It was great to catch up with Phil, Carol and family today and to see Anita’s Grandma too on holiday from Abingdon. Tonight a barbecue with Julian and Sandra (Anita’s cousins).

We certainly will miss family but equally looking forward to the adventure ahead.



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