The Best Laid Plans

T Minus 22

It’s been a much tougher day than expected. So much so we have had to modify plans. The in-laws are back tomorrow, the kids are staying here tonight. There is still so much to do and we need to attack it head on.
Today we have cleared the kitchen and identified that which we’re giving / dumping taking. We did similar in the bathrooms. The kids are virtually packed but we haven’t really started on our own. One problem we knew we’d encounter was the sheer volume of stuff we want to take compared to what we can take. We might need an extra case!
A long day ahead but we’re worrying as to whether we’ll do it.

Another problem is the car. We own it but need to sell it. The only problem is that our dealer, Perrys want to give us a ridiculously low figure, so we’ll need to try and sell privately, but have lite time to do it. Another hurdle to clear.

7 responses to “The Best Laid Plans

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  2. Hi Graham
    Go to Trusted Car Buyers, near Milton Keynes, they will give you a quote for your car and if you decide to go ahead, money will be in your bank the same day. This is the route we took faced with the same situation, need to sell, no time! Hope this helps..


  3. Holding you all up in prayer. God bless


  4. Father God, we pray that you would give your abundant provision to Tanza and Graham. I join with them in asking for a good price for their car and a speedy sale. I ask that you would help them prioritise what to take and that you will bless them abundantly both now and in the future. I pray that they would have my friend Carl’s experience and be given more than enough to meet their needs in Jesus name. Amen.


  5. Oh good luck! Been there, done that. It is not easy but once you are on that plane you can forget all about it!


  6. Hope it’s all sorted, everyone. We’re praying.


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