Nearing the Summit

T Minus 27

If the sheer enormity of moving our family overseas, selling our house and disposing of years of accumulated items were a
mountain then we are nearing the summit. Nonetheless like any good mountain as you near the top you encounter false summits, approaching you observe a higher peak beyond until eventually you spy the true summit and a steep climb to the top.
We have a week to be out and although we have made a lot of progress these past few days – we still have an incredible amount to do to reach our summit. Juxtaposed to this we have long term plans to visit Lincoln this weekend and a trip to Alton Towers on Monday. These will form a respite – a camp stop before the final ascent to the top. We are nearing the summit of the mountain but there’s a steep climb ahead.

None of the photos below are mine – they are of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania a place we hope to visit whilst in country.




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