Nina fahamu Kiswahili kidogo

T Minus 28

With 4 weeks to go it’s about time I made a start learning some Swahili. So I have embarked on a 30 day Pimsleur course. The dates don’t quite work but I’ll either do a couple of doubles or else stretch it across (there is a long flight at the end of August after all!)

Today was the rudiments of greeting and asking if you understand Swahili or English.

Hence the title translates as “I speak a little Swahili”.

Other phrases / words include

Samahani = Excuse Me

Hapana = no

Ndiyo = yes

Kiingereza = English

Kiswahili = Swahili

Una = you

Nina = I

Bwana = sir

Dada = miss (young)

Kidogo = a little

Fahamu = know / understand

So if you have followed this

Una fahamu Kiswahali kidogo

One response to “Nina fahamu Kiswahili kidogo

  1. Great idea; well done 🙂 Wish you all the best learning Kiswahili.

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