Charitable Giving

T Minus 28

So this morning I have been to the charity shop (Cancer Research to be exact) in Bletchley. They took all the “Chaff-like Wheat
” – so a further dump trip this afternoon should leave us with only what we want in terms of things (“The Wheat”) we still have to through the clothes and in truth we’re gonna have to ditch some of the “wheat” – but we’re getting there.
On the good news front our buyers new tenant wants to buy some of our things especially our bed, conservatory furniture and dining room table – so this takes a lot of pressure off. 🙂 20140725-143515-52515906.jpg


3 responses to “Charitable Giving

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  2. Heather Sandiford

    So pleased you don’t have to worry about disposal of these bigger items! What a relief! It’s all coming together isn’t it!

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  3. That’s great that the tenant wants to buy the big stuff; really helps doesn’t it 🙂


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