Backpacks, Racquets & Dried Shampoo

T Minus 30!

With less than a month to go (gulp!) we have been into town today buying things for the journey and the life beyond.

First up backpacks – we are travelling out to Mwanza with 8 pieces of luggage we already have four cases but the thought of eight cases seemed ridiculous and we thought a good investment would be some quality back packs. We were served by an excellent salesman at Cotswold store in MK – really knowledgeable and helpful. We were all measured up and fitted.these are going to be investments for the future and we hope to get much use of them in Africa. We were able to get a healthy discount on the items. After a trip
To the in store Costa we went into the centre.
Next job was a trip JB Sports to buy additional tennis, badminton and squash racquets. Anita is keen on squash and there is a squash court at the school, as indeed tennis and badminton – we would hope to do these out in Tanzania. We also bought some footballs which we can deflate – hoping these will be useful.
Finally a visit to Lush. A friend of Anita suggested that dry shampoo was an excellent bet for overseas. The water adding both bulk and weight to conventional shampoo is removed to leave behind a soap like substance – we bought lots to last us.




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  1. Fabulous! 🙂


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