When does a home become a house?

T Minus 33

I think our home becoming house.
As the items which made our home have disappeared gradually over the last week and hopefully will do so more over the next week then it is becoming a shell of it’s former self. The things which made this house a home are drifting away like seeds on the breeze.each one carrying with it memories of times gone by. Matt’s bed bought from friends when he was little more than a toddler and assembled one Saturday afternoon. The sofa and it’s put me up used by many but particularly mum when she has come to stay and by ourselves when coughs and colds were too much and the other needed to sleep. Many a light night film watched sprawled out at right angles. The keyboard played by my son at first then Anita but more so by my daughter – impromptu tunes played by ear. “Guess what this is dad?”. Everything from Adele to Doctor Who tunes, the theme from Motor Racing to the latest by Bastille. Used to accompany the brass.
Evenings on the deck – enjoying a barbecue, late night cider and a game of cards on nights like tonight. Breakfast on the deck in the summer , a cuppa in the Spring and Autumn a rest from gardening.
Today we exchanged (at last!) we complete on the 29th – it’s about time too.
When we leave our house we will already have left our home in truth. It will still be sad but we have been let down gently with the passing of things like seeds in the wind.





One response to “When does a home become a house?

  1. After 17 yrs in this house it’s strange to be leaving it but it feels like we’re closing the book on life here and we’re about to open a new book – I’m ready for a new chapter. 🙂


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