(Ab)Zorbing Experience for the Unbirthday Bash

T Minus 41

My daughter’a birthday will be in November after we have left England. Whilst we are certain she will make new friends in Mwanza we though it a good idea to have Bex’s early Birthday Bash (an unbirthday bash if you please!). So today we are hosting 11 of her friends for an afternoon of Zorbing on the lake, followed by a movie and a sleepover. What have we let ourselves in for! 12 teenage girls in one conservatory – it’s going to be fun!20140712-154209-56529521.jpg





4 responses to “(Ab)Zorbing Experience for the Unbirthday Bash

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  2. Beks looks like you had a ‘ball’, !!! good memories ✔️ 👍 🎉


  3. Looks like fun – rolling across a lake and never getting wet! Hope you’re enjoying a GREAT unbirthday with your friends, Bex.


  4. Happy, (ab-zorbing) birthday, Bex!! 😊 And all the best, everyone else for the lack of sleep 🙂 Zzzzz


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