Solicitor Shenanigans

T Minus 43

You would think that selling a house where there is no chain, to friends who are going to rent it out, with whom we have a clear arrangement and who have the funds would be straight forward. You would imagine that nearly two months after the solar panel fiasco was sorted we would have exchanged contracts and completed. You would conclude that having answered every tiny little pedantic query posed by our buyers solicitors immediately we would be there but we’re not. For some reason our solicitors are not communicating effectively enough (emails sent last Monday have still not been sent on) their solicitor seems to have OCD (a continuous stream of irritating questions with seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel) . To say all this is driving me mad is probably an understatement. They say that “patience is a virtue” – my patience certainly being tested at the moment. Anita and I have both agreed that we’re never ever buying or selling in the UK again!



3 responses to “Solicitor Shenanigans

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  2. Buying/selling a house is notoriously one of the most stressful experiences – and solicitors seem to drag things out forever (is it to justify their fees?). But, it will happen. You just have to hang on in there and wait for that golden moment when it’s finally all signed, sealed and sorted! When we last moved, we’d actually emptied the house and sent the removal van on its way before Exchange happened! Now that really is scary! Not long now and it will all be over. And you can breathe a big sigh of RELIEF!


  3. Wow! Thoughts and prayers are with you all. That can’t be much fun with solicitors acting like that! 😦


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