Keep Your Hair On!!!

Anita’s first post from her cousin’s weekend

Tiggerific Blog

I always find the best parties involve some kind of fancy dress.  It seems that the extra effort everyone makes getting ready seems to make the party go better somehow.

It was the turn of my cousin, Chris, to host the latest ‘Cousins Get-Together’ and knowing that it would be the last time we would all meet together for the foreseeable future (due to our impending move to Tanzania) she wanted to make it extra special.  We were asked to bring a bottle, a white T-shirt + a wig!  I ordered a long pink wig which arrived just in time and traveled down to Teignmouth with my sister – anticipating a fun weekend.

Just before arriving, we stopped and donned our wigs, and then parked.  Our cousins, came out to meet us and were almost unrecognizable in their wigs, apart from the familiar screams of hilarious laughter as we…

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