Memories Wrapped Around Wood

T Minus 53

As with many of these blogs this started as a thought on the journey home from work. That thought germinated and grew into an idea which developed into this post 🙂

I think that one of the big challenges of clearing out (especially when you’ve been a successful hoarder) is that many of the items come wrapped in memories. Throwing away or selling the items feels like getting rid of the memories. Though in truth this is not true, it makes the act of removal hard. Take for example this bookcase.
20140630-181141-65501833.jpgCurrently it sits in our lounge and holds, for the moment, my sons birthday cards. Until recently it resided behind his bed and served (hidden from view) to store all manner of things.

However, it has been part of
My furniture since childhood. I can recall it being used to contain my “Nature and Science” encyclopaedias in the ’70s. I can also recollect st least one Christmas, lying in bed late at night looking at an advent calendar perched on top, it’s glitter shining in the crack of light which escaped through the door from the landing.
In teenage years it held my LP collection. It didn’t follow me to university until my last year when I lived in a student house in need of some furnishings.
Moving to MK I took the shelves with me into various lodgings.
All these memories wrapped around a piece of wood. Soon this will probably be consigned to the dump – I doubt it will be saleable. This is all rather sentimental I know but it won’t stop the inevitable. New memories await and the shelves ain’t coming!

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