Brass Bands and Birthday BBQs

T Minus 55 (just!)

A busy afternoon after a lazy morning.

Anita played in her last concert for Woburn Sands Brass Band. This is something she, along with the kids, have really enjoyed over the past few years. It’s strange to think that this will soon be a thing of the past for them all.



Then home for a Birthday BBQ With the whole family. Great to have M, Stephen, Fiona, Anita’s parents, Grandma and Sister’s family over. A good time playing Matt’s FIFA game as well as the real World Cup and a suitable birthday cake.







3 responses to “Brass Bands and Birthday BBQs

  1. AND the sun shone – after such a wet morning! Great get together with y’all. Bekah & Anita (and the band) made a great sound!


  2. Great family gathering ,well done all 🎉 🎂👍


  3. A fabulous day! 🙂 Wonderful playing, conversation and times with family. And I only lost 1-0!! #happywiththat


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