What’s the Point?

T Minus 58

It’s 5am and I’m awake unusually early this morning. No idea why but I’ve tried getting back to sleep. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s midsummer and already bright outside, but here I am and wide awake.20140625-051756-19076131.jpg
I don’t really think I have ever chronicled the reason for this blog. I reckon this post should probably have been written at the beginning but it wasn’t so here it is.

I started the blog back in February (Valentine’s Day) a week after I had been offered the job at Isamilo. In the previous weeks as part of my research prior to applying for the job I had come across a number of expat blogs which told the story of life overseas in various parts of the world. These were very useful in giving me an insight into life in a foreign land. I was particularly keen to find out more about Mwanza and quickly found one site (Bousies in Mwanza). This was particularly informative and really helpful. However like all the sites I came across it began at departure – the last day in England etc.
I decided to of something different and chronicle the transition, the change. Initially for me (us) to look back on in years to come, but also for others who might be thinking of making a similar jump (or a different one!) into the unknown.
I didn’t start out intending to blog every day, but it was half term week and there was a log to blog about as we started to clear. At the end of the week I returned to work expecting to write occasionally but blogging is addictive and being a bit of a stats geek I was enjoying seeing the views and countries grow. So I decided to keep on writing with an aim of saying something every day until we leave. Even so there is actually one day when I missed – right at the beginning before I decided to blog every day.

In the months since I have added some extras

  1. Some people have asked about the random posts of photos mostly on a Weekly Photo Challenge. These are blogging events just for fun and organised by WordPress or a fellow bloggers. They are just a bit of fun, an excuse to blog or share a random picture.
  2. I decided to add travel pages to show other places we’ve been. SomeAll of these places have contributed to where we are now. As Anita has scanned in physical photos of a time before digital it has been possible to chronicle earlier travels too.

I have been really encouraged by the likes and written feedback I have had and the growth in views, comments and countries. I recognise many visitors are silent viewers – thank you for visiting all the same but thanks in particular to those who have taken the time to say nice things.

This little blog regularly gets 100+ views per day and has had up to 260 (New House). Total views approaching 15000!
I am pleased it is reaching out across the globe and thanks to all who visit – sometimes through the most unusual search terms (I don’t understand the vagaries of Google), some are shown below including some very strange ones.


Recent newbies include Hong Kong, Macau, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Cape Verde Islands, Brunei, Botswana.
I still await Belarus, Hungary and some of the Balkans in Europe; Bolivia, Ecuador and the Guianas in South America among many others but geographically I am pleased :-).

Having said all of this the point has been to chronicle our (my) experiences in this transition. I am enjoying doing this, but it’s a real bonus where others are too.

It’s 6:30am and time to get up.

One response to “What’s the Point?

  1. The best one surely is the ‘sandy lady who fell down a cliff in crete’!! What’s that about?


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