T Minus 59

Today is my son’s last day at school in the UK. This week is his birthday. The last of our family’s birthdays on UK soil.

Today was my last Heads of Faculty meeting. Today also was the last test I will set as Year 10 took their mocks. There are 4 weeks exactly from today until the end of term.

I realise I am watching my last UK Wimbledon – not sure how much coverage of the Tennis Championships there will be in Tanzania.

Endings are coming thick and fast now as we move into the final stretch. Looking forward to some beginnings though they must wait for The move abroad.

3 responses to “Endings

  1. Move over Wimbeldon…our Isamilo Inaugural Mixed Doubles Tournament and BBQ on Saturday was a resounding success. Large trophies were distributed and very heavy medals awarded. We have new plans (slow moving, but remember the tortoise) to form an association, charge money, (gasp) and get the court resurfaced and fences mended (which will make life a lot more predictable,depriving us of the surprise bounce-angle and the extra fitness opportunity of running down the hill to retrieve the ball, sigh). Doors close, windows open, the world awaits (and we in Mwanza are waiting for YOU!!!). I love the way you are squeezing every last ounce of awareness out of your remaining time in your Life Before Tanzania (and it WILL never be the same :), – you sound so appreciative, and are so generous in sharing your perceptions. It’s exciting and scary, and you are so lucky being a family, moving together, as you carry shared history, experiences and culture. Even though you have sold your home and probably feel like you have burnt your safety-net, you are actually bringing it with you,- Graham and Anita’s Gang, the Long Tribe, the Mwanzalongs indeed! Whilst sad to say goodbye to our teachers and students who are moving on, we’re really looking forward to your arrival. Sandy, Vladimir, and Masha


    • Thank you for your lovely comments Sandy – much appreciated. I vowed to blog our experiences of the transition and early on decided I would aim to blog every day. So far so good. Not sure I’ll be able to keep it up in Mwanza though!


  2. Yes, lots of endings, bro. Praying for happy ones. Hope Matt’s final day was a happy one! 🙂


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