T Minus 63

Nine weeks until departure and time to take stock I f where we are.


We have seen our new house and it’s grounds – this is exciting news – though different to a UK house it looks great. If you didn’t catch the video of the grounds here it is again.

Our current house is taking a little longer to complete than anticipated – lawyers dragging their feet and asking questions, following a mess up by the surveyor (their fault not ours!). Hoping to complete by July but time is ticking!

There’s still a lot to get rid of.

Even so the house seems full and we must get moving on the rest. There may be a solution to some of the goods e.g. Table, bed etc. we need to see.

The car will be sold as near to departure as possible.

We need to organise the transfer / termination of phone contracts.

We have got our flight tickets and have purchased some large cases for each of us. Our luggage allowance is reasonable and we will need to buy back packs etc to take the rest.
We (or rather the rest of the family) still need injections and now exams are over it will be easy to get these done.

We need to buy a new laptop for me (for work) and similar for the kids.

We want to get a good DSLR camera. The iPhone is good for standard pics but we need a good zoom.

Many of these purchases have to await the release of funding from the house.

We also need to make decisions on investing the equity. Our Cornwall trip was not fruitful, as we were considering buying a property there. None of the potential sites were worth it in the end. Too grotty, too expensive to rent out or both and very few holiday makers on site which was worrying at half term!!

The photos below were from the nicest site but the place was empty and reviews were awful and ground rent extortionate.


As June ticks towards July time is running out fast – it’s going to be a busy nine weeks.

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