Feeling Feverish

T Minus 67

One thing I shall not miss about the UK is my annual bout of Hay Fever. Every year from the middle of May until the end of Wimbledon I suffer from the symptoms. If you have never had it you probably imagine it to be like a cold. Those of you who suffer will know that your eyes, ears, nose and throat itch continuously (the eyes and nose particularly so) and you get sneezing bouts that can go on for what seems like ages – it is quite wearing.

To be honest I have generally suffered less over recent years. As a teen and through to my thirties it was much worse. Antihistamines help but only suppress the symptoms, I still get the odd really bad day.

I have spent the past two Sundays in the open which is not the best place for a sufferer at this time of year.

Last week it was Race For Life, yesterday the Car Boot Sale, the latter leaving me quite drained (perhaps due to the early start as much as the pollen).

Still had time for a great Father’s Day meal, but after I was quite rough.

I am hoping that Hay Fever won’t be an issue in Tanzania. I’ll be taking antihistamines anyway – more for bites and stings that anything else. Let’s just hope this is last of hay fever for a while at least.

One response to “Feeling Feverish

  1. Gosh we totally understand!! We are permanently “snuffly” in Australia thanks to hay fever!! So we LOVE it when we travel overseas because we can actually use our nostrils for breathing rather than just sneezing and sniffling!


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