Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra Extra

Here is my submission to this weeks photo challenge – extra extra


Theme Park 030



We were at Lightwater Valley Theme Park and the rest of my family wanted to go on “The Claw” – a ride which spins you which way and everywhere. I’m not good with these rides – so I decided to stay below and take photos. My wife also took photos on the ride as it span wildly.

Amazingly she caught a photo of me taking a photo of the ride. So I am an unexpected extra in this photo.

My own photo is below

06 Lightwater 029

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra Extra

  1. What are the odds!! 🙂 Nice shots


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  4. At first glance, I thought the photo of you on the ground was a photo of someone falling out of the ride! Eek – glad it wasn’t that!


  5. When I say ‘Like’ I mean Yikes!! :-0 I’m with you, bro. On the ground!! lol


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