Officially Clearing Out

T minus 81

Today it was return to work after a week off for half term. It was a strange return as I did not teach a lesson all day. My year 11 and 13 groups having left and my year 12 being on study leave.
Today was a day to start clearing my office.

Obviously there is a lot of stuff I still need until the end of term, but equally there are documents that pre- date my appointment. Kept initially in case I might need them and then as time has gone on and the business of the job has got in the way – left on the shelves. Now is the time to tackle this ancient material. So today was spent sorting and sifting through piles of paperwork, binning or sending to the shredder document after document. To be honest I do this annually each year although last summer World Challenge preparation took over and so it has not been done for a couple of years and when it was, some was kept on the off chance – now I’m being ruthless. I have to be – my office is not being taken on by my successors who want to share a slightly larger room.
It’s going to be a long job, I haven’t even got to the box files (illustrated).20140602-192514-69914781.jpg

One response to “Officially Clearing Out

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of files! 😁 All the best with the sorting out!!


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