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T Minus 84

Moving to Africa with everything stuffed into 8 cases is a challenge but we do want to take some things from home.
We like watching Movies and have box sets of particularly favourite TV series (Star Trek, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Friends). There is no way we could take then as is and so earlier this week I purchased two DVD carriers from ASDA and we decanted our favourite DVD’s into them. The proper cases will go into storage and the new cases will go into our luggage.



20140530-082006-30006887.jpgThankfully music is digitally stored onto my iPod ( what did we do before MP3 players?). It’s just a pity that there is no video equivalent of iTunes.
Beyond this we are taking a keyboard for my daughter and, my son wants his Play Station.
Why are we squeezing in these peripheries and (in the case of the keyboard) looking to pay for additional luggage?
A good friend who has lived abroad advised us “that we should ensure we bring things that make us feel at home eg: pictures that hang on the wall”. So along with the essentials these home comforts will be squeezed into our cases.
We will be living in a culturally different place and over time we will make the adjustment but these things are part of touching base with our past as we move into the future.


4 responses to “Home Comforts

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  3. oh this downsizing part is TOUGH! 4.5yrs ago I moved from Massachesetts to Florida with whatever i could fit in one Chevy Malibu. Sold all my furniture and just took mementos, wall hangings, clothes and kitchenware
    we only had two people though (my daughter and myself) where you have an entire family!
    Purging your stuff is hard!! I wish you good luck with the whittling down process!!


  4. Very wise choice! You have lots of photos too, as reminders of ‘home to new home’ on various devices. Your digital photo frame too will be good for that along with the PC screen saver.


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