Weekly Photo Challenge : Twist (6) at Tivoli

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist



Queuing up – with hardly a wait

Tivoli Gardens

Twists and Turns

Tivoli Gardens Roller Coaster

Loops and Drops


Tivoli Gardens was a great way to spend an afternoon / evening and even though it was in the middle of Copenhagen it was remarkably easy to get on the rides with only short queues.

Taken on our visit to Denmark in 2004  – Copenhagen has given me two submissions to this week’s challenge – the other is here

2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Twist (6) at Tivoli

  1. Lovely twist photo! Although these rides usually scare me


  2. Your post brought back fond memories! Tivoli gardens was such a refreshing change from the way-too-high-tech amusement parks of today.


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