Last Minute Man

T Minus 90

I’m a bit of a last minute man. I need that little bit of pressure, that buzz from realising it has to be done by a certain time. Experience has taught me when I might be a little too late, so nowadays I always meet my deadlines but in truth I cut it fine. This does not mean I don’t plan – just that I plan to do things last minute.

As much as I council my students to do things in good time I would probably have been one to do my homework the night before it was due in. Having said that I’d have been to the library to get the books (long before the internet) the Saturday before.

So having a long deadline (still 90 days) is a challenge for me. In many ways I will be leaving things to the last minute again. What I need to work out is when that line will be crossed which will be too late! This week provides a good opportunity to make preparations. We must make the most of it.20140524-122434-44674221.jpg

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