T Minus 100

Today marks two milestones. As you can see it is 100 days until we fly . It is also

three months to the day since I started this blog. Time is flying by.

Today also marks another milestone at work. Following on from the appointment of my teaching replacement before Easter. Today they are interviewing my replacement as Head of Faculty.

This marks the beginning of the end as others will be leading the faculty next year (my role is being split between others). Although there is much still to do and my role technically ends on August 31st – increasingly there will be decisions made by others which will be weird.

Today I let my year 11 classes know I was leaving. I have taught some of them for 5 years and they’re a good bunch. It was their last lesson with me today – ironically just after the ICT exam – so they were doing Chemistry revision instead, which was fine as a former Chemistry teacher and graduate. The exam seems to have gone reasonably well which was a relief!

Back to my point, up until now I have only let my sixth form tutees and A Level classes know (a relatively small bunch) – so this was the first time I had shared it more widely. They were fairly surprised and amazed by the move I am making, but also many congratulated and expressed what a fantastic thing it was – which was nice. It will be interesting to see – if at all how the ‘rumour mill’ spreads the news.

The next 100 days will see many more milestones.

3 responses to “Milestones

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  2. I’ll bet they were happy for you. Do you plan on keeping in touch with them or doing a pen pal thing?


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