Blogging across the Planet

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One of the fascinating things I have discovered in the past few months is the blogging community and the way you can get a real insight into every day life across the planet. As someone who enjoys seeing new parts of the world but who as yet seen such a small portion of the world outside of Europe it has been an eye opener.
It is also fascinating to see the locations of visitors recorded on the views counter day by day. We passed 9000 views yesterday so thanks to all who have been and read the musings of my daily life.



Some of you are anonymous – others I know through other Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Another group of visitors are fellow bloggers and it has been great to see your locations through the pictures taken and words written. I have tended to seek out expatriate bloggers living or travelling in a foreign land as this is something we are embarking on.
Other bloggers are photographers and fellow participants in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Here are just a few of the blogs who with whom I have interacted. There are more to the right if you are interested.

There are also some blogs about our future home

This is just a reflection of the travellers and photographers and writers from across the globe. There are many others and if I missed you off – no offence is meant. I have valued the likes, follows, views, visits and comments of you all.

Have a great Sunday or Monday depending where you are in the world. 🙂

One response to “Blogging across the Planet

  1. Wow, most of my visitors are from my own country, greetings from Indonesia.


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