Bank Holidays

T Minus 109 Today is a public holiday in the UK. I love Bank Holidays – a little treat when we all get a chance to chill. On a morning like this morning when the skies are blue and the outlook is fine, make it even better.

Ceonothus and Wisteria

Bank Holiday View

It gives a chance to do family things. Today we are meeting up with my brother and his wife for a day out. It will be good to touch base and obviously with the departure date looming it’s important we keep doing things like this – and fun too! We get lots of a Bank a Holidays close together this time of year, Good Friday, Easter Monday, today (first Monday in May) and the last Monday in a May too (though this is absorbed into Half Term for me. It can be a bit disruptive for teaching my exam groups – this year I teach year 11, 12 and 13 on a Monday – I just hope they’re revising! We will be in Tanzania by the August Bank Holiday – and it got me thinking what are the Public Holidays in Tanzania. I have no idea whether all of these are honoured by the school as there seem to be quite a few which could make teaching interesting. Unlike here in the UK there is no day in lieu of a Saturday or Sunday.

These are the Tanzanian Public Holidays in 2014

The dates here are taken from the Bank of Tanzania website

01st Jan New Year’s Day
12th Jan Zanzibar Revolution Day
13th Jan ** Maulid Day
7th Apr Karume Day
18th Apr Good Friday
20th Apr Easter Sunday
21th Apr Easter Monday
26th Apr  Union Day
1st May   Labour Day
7th July Saba Saba Day
28th Jul ** Eid El Fitr
8th Aug Nane Nane (Farmer’s) Day
04th Oct   ** Eid El Haj
14th Oct Mwalimu Nyerere Day
9th Dec  Independence Day
25th Dec Christmas Day
26th Dec Boxing Day

** These dates are dependent on the site of the moon

These dates occur within school holidays. 

Obviously the dates in 2015 will be slightly different where lunar related. However, I am particularly pleased with the fact that Zanzibar Revolution Day falls on by birthday – so hoping this is celebrated countrywide. 🙂

8 responses to “Bank Holidays

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  4. Happy Saba Saba Day for 7th May! See you all later 🙂


  5. I wish we had bank holidays.


    • I thought most countries had Public Holidays, independence or National Days etc. Sorry that’s not the case where you are. Have a nice day any way.


      • I thought “bank holiday” was a holiday itself. We have 10 national holidays we are off work each year. I just never heard of “Bank Holiday” unless it lumps all holidays under this.


      • In the UK a Bank Holiday is the name we give to Public Holidays – we get 8 a year -New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, two in May, August, Christmas Day and Boxing Day (Dec26).


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