That Friday Feeling!

T Minus 112

Finally Friday.
Along with Saturday mornings – Friday nights are the best part of the weekly. Not that I’m doing anything special. It’s just a nice feeling that there is no real pressure to do anything until next week. Especially as it’s a long one with Bank Holiday Monday tacked on!

This week has been a tough one. Life at work has been stressful. There’s no real reason other than being that time of year. Lots of coursework to mark, lots of students to prepare for exams. I often think that teachers get more stressed about the exams than some of their pupils.

So much rides on the results, a student can sit their exams and, in the main, can afford to drop a grade here and there as long as they pass. On the other hand if a student drops a grade in your subject there are questions to be asked and justifications to be given. Even if (as at my school) management are understanding (they know the kids too!) you can still feel bad.

That’s modern education for you, in the UK at least. I doubt these stresses will disappear entirely in Tanzania although I think education is viewed much more importantly and teachers held in higher regard. It remains to be seen, but I imagine the grass won’t be a vibrant shade of green, maybe just a little more verdant with luck.

Of course we need to sell up first which has been the other source of stress. On the home front stresses have come about through the fact that for a while our house sale seemed scuppered by the solar panel fiasco. This seems to be resolved and we can get on with selling again. Hopefully there will be some good news soon.

3 responses to “That Friday Feeling!

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  2. Heather & Geoff Sandiford

    Praying with you for a buyer. Just know God’s timing is perfect and it will happen at just the right time for all concerned. But I know the waiting and not knowing is so hard. But you know God will work all things together for good cos you love Him and have been called according to His purposes!


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