Unpicking the Strands

T Minus 116

It’s not until you decide to move you realise exactly how much you are tied to a location. Moving country even more so.

Initially it was just a process of getting prepared, tidying up and clearing out. Now as the time gets ever nearer it’s a process of unpicking the strands of the metaphorical rope which attaches us to the UK one by one.

  • The house is on the market and we await a suitable buyer
  • I have already handed in my resignation and appointed my teaching replacement.
  • I have attended my last PCC meeting at Church.

    Even as I loosen the ties a strange and surreal phase is beginning.

    Tonight is the church AGM at St Mary’s. It is the place where we will reflect on the past year – not least financially but also in terms of the ministries and other activities. Additionally it will be the place the new PCC is elected and where we will look forward to the year ahead. Not least to the arrival of the new minister.

    The strange thing will be looking forward to a future of which I won’t really be a part. After 26 years it won’t really be part of my future though I will continue to take an interest from afar.

    Similarly at work they are advertising for my replacement as Head of Faculty (as opposed to my role as a teacher).

    For now I am still Head of Faculty and with that comes all the responsibility of managing the ICT Team. Already I am helping to facilitate the introduction of Computing, even though others will take reins on this and are already delegated to investigate the way forward.

    For now there is much day to day work to do but as we approach the end of the year and plans are much more geared to September it will be come very strange. Of course, I too will need to turn my thoughts and plans to my next role even though officially I am still part of Lord Williams’s until August 31st!

    There are still plenty more strands to untie before the rope is released. I don’t regret any of the changes coming my way but it is going to be strange!

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