Red Letter Days

T minus 124

Today is a Red Letter Day. These are days of special significance. The term comes from the practice of the church calendars of the Middle Ages where such days were written in Red Ink. Today is Easter Sunday and a special day for all Christians. I have shared in other posts more about this. This post is more about our changes.

Each Red Letter Day is a last and so we are celebrating our last Easter in the UK (for a while). These extraordinary days are markers on our road to departure. This morning we will attend our last Easter Service at SMB.

Then it’s of to Anita’s parents, for lunch and time with them as well as Grandma and Anita’s sister and family. It will be good for our children to spend time with their cousins. The weather’s not great but should be OK for an Easter Egg / Treasure Hunt. Pondering this traditional Easter Sunday and realising it is the last in this format at least for a while does bring with it a reflective sadness. However, we will be gaining much as well as losing by moving overseas and it will be interesting to see how next Easter is different, along with other Red Letter Days, in Tanzania.


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