T Minus 124

Happy Easter to all our visitors, viewers and fellow bloggers.

Easter EGGS, Easter EGGS,
Lovely, Shiny, Easter EGGS.

An EGGS-otic, EGGS-pensive,
EGGS-plosion of taste,
An EGGS-traordinary EGGS-perience,
EGGS-ceptional EGGS-hilaration.

A foil wrapped,
Fondant Filled,
Chocolate Surprise

EGGS-cept that Easter is an
EGGS-ample of God’s
EGGS-traordinary love,
An EGGS-pression of God’s
EGGS-ceptional love.

For Jesus….
An EGGS-cruciating EGGS-perience,
An EGGS-hausting EGGS-clamation,

A Hope Inspiring,
Death Defying,
Life Creating,

EGGS-cuse Me!! EGGS-plain!!

Jesus Christ.
An EGGS-emplary life.
A perfect EGGS-istence.
EGGS-ponding, EGGS-plaining,
EGGS-tending God’s love.

EGGS-horting, EGGS-alting,
EGGS-claiming God’s truth.
But EGGS-asperating Religious EGGS-perts.
Who took EGGS-treme EGGS-ception,
And EGGS-hibited EGGS-cessive anger

EGGS-ecuted on a Cross,
EGGS-horting the Father to,
EGGS-cuse His EGGS-ecutioners.

EGGS-haling, EGGS-piring,
EGGS-changing our lives for His own.
EGGS-orcizing sin,
EGGS-pelling death,
All who turn to Him.
With no EGGS-ceptions,
No EGGS-clusions.

Then Jesus….
EGGS-erting Authority,
EGGS-ercising Power,
EGGS-tracting life from death,
EGGS-ited the tomb.

Mary EGGS-cited,
Disciples EGGS-hilarated,
An EGGS-traordinary event.

So EGGS-amine the evidence!
EGGS-plore the true meaning of Easter!
EGGS-perience New Life

Today is Easter Sunday. The day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Beyond the Christian festival there are many traditions which have been added over the years, which maybe get in the way of the real story. 21 years ago I wrote this dramatised poem. It was performed by One Way Drama Team in St Mary’s Bletchley on Easter Sunday 1993.

Mary Had A Little Lamb

The April Fool

I Was There…


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