Mary Had A Little Lamb….

T Minus 126

Today is Good Friday. The start of the Easter Weekend. Beyond the Christian festival there are many traditions which have been added over the years, which maybe get in the way of the real story. Don’t get me wrong I love Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns – even so in 1993 I wrote this sketch / poem. I cannot claim the first verse which is the traditional nursery verse but the rest is mine. It was performed by One Way Drama Team in an Open Air Service in Bletchley, Milton Keynes on Good Friday.

Mary had a little lamb,
It’s fleece was white as snow,
And everywhere that Mary went,
That lamb was sure to go.

At Easter time we think of lambs,
Of hot cross buns and rabbits,
We gorge ourselves on chocolate eggs,
But what of all these habits.

Mary had a little boy,
His life was good as gold,
He came to earth to speak of God,
In words both sound and bold.

Yes, Mary had a little Lamb,
He was the lamb of God.
He came to free the world from sin,
And yet it seems quite odd,

That on this day in Palestine,
Two thousand years ago,
That Jesus Christ was put to death,
So everyone could know,

That even though we’ve turned our backs,
And chosen our own way,
(A way that leads to death and hell),
God wants us back today.

For God in heaven loves us all,
And sent His Son to save us,
For as he hung upon that cross,
The Lamb of God forgave us.

So as you eat your hot cross buns,
Remember all the pain,
Of sharp nails hammered into flesh,
And turn to God again.

And when you eat your chocolate eggs,
Remember what your worth,
For Jesus Christ rose up from death,
To give us all new birth.

Yes, God almighty loves us all,
So turn to Him today,
For Mary’s boy took all our sins,0
That’s why it’s Good Friday


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5 responses to “Mary Had A Little Lamb….

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  4. Amen ! It is never too late unless people wish it to be so.


  5. Fabulous and thought-provoking.


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