Do Nothing Days!

T Minus 130

Today is a “Do Nothing Day”, or more strictly a “Do Nothing on the House Day. Time to relax and do other stuff. It’s been pretty intense these past few weeks so it’s nice to have a break.
So what are we doing?

Both Anita and I have been on a run. Anita, doing so with a friend as part of a couch to 5K program, got up at 9am

I didn’t actually get around to running until almost midday after a bit of a lie in first. I had to work myself up to it. I always find it hard to get started again after a break from running – even though once I have started I can’t work out why. In fact I’ve put it off for a week (my cold didn’t help). Having finally got out I ran slowly but steadily for 6 miles in 70 mins, which given I’m getting over a cold and haven’t run for 5 weeks isn’t too bad. I prefer longer slower running to fast sprints though I can run a bit faster. I intend to run each day this week ready to kick-start more regular running in the new term.
I’m not quite ready for a Park Run yet but hopefully soon.

The weather was perfect, warm but not too hot, sunny and a light breeze. I always try to build in Caldecotte Lake or the Grand Union Canal or both if I can. There were lots of swans, geese and ducks on the water – even a duckling on the lake. Peacock butterflies were aplenty as were the midges 😦 – nothing like the Mosquitos of Mwanza, I’m sure but a bit annoying in places.

The rest of the day I intend to continue to up date the blog on our earlier travels.

Currently the pages with content are

Badminton is my weekly Monday night activity at the local leisure centre. Then tonight it’s Game of Thrones – Series 4.

I recognise all of this familiar routine will soon change for new ones but for now it’s nice to have a break.

  • Below are some pictures taken yesterday on a walk along the canal Anita and I took to a pub on another “Do Nothing Day”










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  4. Passion Fruit Cider – no less. Very nice!


  5. Heather & Geoff Sandiford

    Lovely pics. Lovely cold drinks!

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