Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold -5

These four photos represent the furthest I have been on the earth so far and are therefore my personal thresholds.


Talinn - Estonia

Talinn – Estonia, overlooking the city towards the Baltic Sea



Mekong Delta - Vietnam

Mekong Delta – Vietnam, at some point on this boat ride I was furthest south.


Nha Trang - Vietnam

Nha Trang Beach on the Pacific Coast of Vietnam (South China Sea)


Fishing Village - Gambia

A Fishing Village on the Atlantic Coast of The Gambia

This will, of course, change in the summer with the move to Mwanza, Tanzania pushing the southern boundary below the equator for the first time. 😀

What are your geographical thresholds? Note you have have set foot outside an airport for the location to count.

One response to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold -5

  1. Great photos 🙂 The ‘south of the Equator’ will be a wonderful threshold. You will see a new perspective on the God of the Universe’s creation when you look into the sky at night. Enjoy when it happens 🙂


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