Putting the Garden to One Side


T minus 134

The fine weather continues and having done all the painting (bar a second coat on the gate).

It was time to tackle the garden….

The way we have extended the house and built the deck means that our garden is mainly at the side of the house. I began with the Buddlea which urgently needed a trim.20140418-213412.jpg
Then the removal of the old copper fountain which hasn’t worked for years and now looks a bit of an eyesore. We sold it for scrap and hoped to recoup a few pounds. In the end we go £20 – I think the scrap dealer got a bargain, myself.


As ever one thing leads to another and having removed the fountain we decided that the bench would good in its place – so back out with the paint (the bench really needs painting and we still had some Ash Black.


The garden at the side has been a bit a dumping ground at the hidden front end and – so it needed a general tidy. Entailing another trip to the dump.

At the end of the day the garden is looking nicer than at the beginning and hopefully will be more appealing to buyers.










5 responses to “Putting the Garden to One Side

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  3. Heather & Geoff Sandiford

    Looking great! Well done!


  4. Great work, Graham and Anita. Love the chair look and position 🙂


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