World Cup Winners

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Unlike other blog entries this one is not about us at all. I don’t yet know the people concerned or the organisation other than what I have read. The link is purely one of geography. #iamsomebody

As someone about to move to Mwanza I have been keen to find out as much as I can about the city via other blogs, Facebook and Internet research. In so doing I have come across the work of the Tanzanian Street Child Sports Academy (TSC).

Those who know me would be aware that football is not my thing – though I do follow International matches including the World Cup. I am looking forward to this years Tournament, although sadly I hold out little hope for England. 😦

The TSC has entered a team into a tournament called the Street Child World Cup, which has taken place in Rio. #iamsomebody

What’s more they have gone on to win the Tournament, which concluded yesterday, with a final win over local rivals Burundi and are World Cup Winners. 🙂



A superb achievement and a testament I am sure to the work of all those involved.

The following is taken directly from the TSC website and says more about their valuable work better than I could.

Founded in 2009, TSC has grown into a successful football academy – supporting children in the local community to train and play football. We aim to support our players to learn skills for life through playing football and to use it as a preventative measure to help these young people to not enter life on the street and provide them with the necessary support to do so.

TSC Sports Academy Mwanza is a community run programme that supports local players and football development, and aims to give players the skills and training through football to stay off the street. We aim to give the opportunity to street, vulnerable and other local players to play in the same team and be recognised as football players, also giving players the opportunity to support each other as part of their team. We also campaign for street children’s rights and a change in perception for street children through messages and through high profile campaigns (such as the Street Child World Cup) and longer term projects (Street Skillz)

Our motto is “We play for Children’s Rights” which is on our main shirts and use any media opportunity to support this statement. We want all our players to be footballers rather than street children.

Street children in Mwanza face a hard, uncertain life where they are forced to rely on the street for food, money and/or shelter. The main issues facing street children in the Mwanza area of Tanzania is the number of children who are being forced out of their homes due to domestic violence following marriage splits. Caretakers of the Environment’s (COET) recent research believes over 30 children have been killed by their biological and step parents. To escape this happening, many children are forced to escape and rely on the street for basic needs.

2 responses to “World Cup Winners

  1. Thanks guys – it looks like it’s a very worthwhile venture doesn’t it?


  2. Heather & Geoff Sandiford

    Very interested to read this. It’s the sort of initiative that The Bethany Children’s Trust links up with to support and nurture vulnerable children, giving them a chance of a secure and happy life and helping them to develop their potential.


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