The April Fool

T Minus 143

Way back in 1994 I was a member of One Way Drama Team at St Mary’s Bletchley. That year Good Friday fell on April 1st (something that won’t happen again until 2067). I wrote the following poem as part of a sketch which we performed in an Open Air Service.
It was read by two narrators who alternated verses and  dressed as sideshow entertainers, around a tableau of the Crucifixion which acted out in silence the middle. Some might find it provocative (I hope not). Even so it is one of my favourites and I share it here.

The April Fool (Roll Up! roll Up!)

Roll Up! Roll Up! And hear the news
The man they call “The King of the Jews”.
The King of the Jews, a name so cruel,
This man’s no more than an April Fool

Roll Up! Roll Up! And catch a view.
 The Christ is beaten black and blue.
Black and blue and raw and red,
A crown of thorns pressed on His head.

Roll Up! Roll Up! And watch the scene.
This man’s not quite what He might seem.
He seems so weak, so meek and mild
And yet he claims to be God’s child.

Roll Up! Roll Up! Now gather round.
For Jesus with His arms now bound.
Now bound as hands and feet are nailed.
This Jesus Christ has surely failed.

Roll Up! Roll Up! And see the pain.
The Man of Peace now hangs in shame.
In shame upon a cross of wood.
He dies for all, He dies for good.

Roll Up! Roll Up! And hear His voice.
This April Fool, He has a choice.
Choosing forgiveness, choosing death,
Forgiving His killers with His very last breath.

Roll Up! Roll Up! Now can’t you see,
That Jesus died for you and me.
He died to free us all from sin.
This man’s no fool. He is the King.

Roll Up! Roll Up! And know the love.
God’s love which come from up above.
From up above, where Jesus reigns.
Until as Lord, He comes again.

Roll Up! Roll Up! Come hear the news.
The man they called “The king of the Jews”
This King still calls to us today.
Don’t be a fool. Don’t turn away.

© Graham Long March’94

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