Painting ’till we’re Black and Blue

T minus 146

The deck always was blue but weathering had toned it down. So on reflection and having seen the brightness of the newly painted blue deck we have decided to lose the blue.

So early up and off to B&Q for some Black Ash deck stain. We think it tones it down a bit whilst keeping things a bit different (I’ve never quite understood why bright orange is a socially acceptable colour for garden fencing!)







4 responses to “Painting ’till we’re Black and Blue

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  2. Heather & Geoff Sandiford

    Well done Mum! Guess you’re going home for a rest! You’ve done well. Looks good now – must admit the blue did ‘floor’ us a bit! Garden’s looking good too. Well done all!


  3. Thumbs up! Good thinking xx


  4. Lovely choice of colour. Certainly looks more in keeping. Fine job! 🙂


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