Painting the World with 3.5K

T Minus 149

I like statistics and as an avid consumer of Geographical data – the stats, indicating where visitors have viewed from, fascinates me. Today we reached 3,500 views!
Who are the visitors?

Well some are Facebook friends others fellow bloggers – some probably neither. Our visitors are gradually painting the world (well at least the WordPress map of the world).

The UK leads the way by a mile of course (maybe in this context by a kilometer), then the USA and encouragingly Tanzania. Ireland comes 4th followed surprising by Sweden. The full list is below.


The map shows that we’re seeing folk from most of Western Europe, North America, Oceania and Eastern Africa.



It’s great to see – feel free to comment too – it’s nice to get feedback on our ongoing story.

Thanks for visiting

Graham & Anita

One response to “Painting the World with 3.5K

  1. Fabulous achievement! Well done 🙂 An amazing order of nations such as Taiwan and Lao! The word’s spreading… 👍😊


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