Open Review

T minus 153

What a great day, lots of sales and a substantial gift to Sports Relief.

The pessimist in me thought we would not get many sales or visitors – glad I was wrong! A sunny day all day and the rain started just as we’d finished bringing stuff in from outside 🙂

Car Boot tomorrow and up at ridiculous o’clock in the morning. Hope its a good day.

5 responses to “Open Review

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  3. Heather & Geoff Sandiford

    Wow! What a weekend! Well done for a great result – far better than any of us pessimists expected. Lovely idea to share your profits with those in even greater need than yours.


  4. Wow !! What a great day for you all , hard work does pay off. Here’s to the car boot. 😑 👞 👍 👏


  5. Fabulous!! 🙂 It will be another good day!! 🙂


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