Equinox Living!

T minus 158

Today is NOT the equinox! Even though the length of the day today ( from Sunrise to Sunset) is almost exactly 12 hours here in Milton Keynes.


The equinox in two days time, actually has a longer day and a shorter night, and this is apparently due to the fact that refracted light from the sun peeps over the horizon before the sun itself and due to the fact sunrise and sunset relate to the upper edge of the sun and not it’s equator. (http://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/equinox-not-equal.html)


Living in Mwanza will be like a living with a permanent equinox. The daylight lasting approximately 12 hours all year round sunrise being about 7am and sunset about 7pm. Furthermore unlike at the equinox here, the equatorial sunsets are rapid, with little twilight.


It will be strange living without the familiar ebb and flow of daylight through the years.

Travelling to Gambia, Cambodia and Vietnam it seemed strange to have hot weather but early sunsets.

I love the long summer evenings,the chance to sit outside and enjoy the long evenings.

I realise that this summer will be the last for long evenings for a little while.

Equally though, there will be no short winter days either.

This is something I particularly hate. Getting up and going to work in the dark and then returning in the dark at the end of the day and the feeling that you’ve missed the day altogether.

All in all we get the same amount of daylight just packaged differently! Let’s face it we’re definitely getting more sunlight!

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