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How do you eat an elephant?

T Minus 165

When Graham and I moved into our house, I said at the end of a very exhausting day that I would never do this again!!  Now more than 16 years later we are repeating the process.  You may have seen the photos in earlier blogs of the clearing of the garage, shed and loft not to mention the other rooms in the house.  Although Graham has made numerous trips to the dump and our refuse collectors are probably surprised at the considerable increase in pink recycling & rubbish bags laid out ready for them to collect, I must admit that I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the enormity of the task in front of me to get my house in a suitable state to put on the market.  I’ve taken a fortnight off work, to give me the actual time to work on the house.  My parents are also coming over each day this week to help me – as well as being a huge help, I’m really enjoying having the time with them, knowing that in a few months we will have left the UK and it’ll be sometime before we meet again.

Dad has put up a new door frame round Bekah’s door, which will look like it’s always been there once it has been painted (tomorrow’s job) and fixed the banister at the top of the stairs.   Mum has done a great job on laying a new lino floor in the bathroom & downstairs loo – I just need to paint the skirting and walls now to finish it off.  Once these have been done, I’ll take some photos, so watch this space….  Meanwhile, I’ve continued with what I started yesterday and the day before…. sorting out of cupboards, with a break this afternoon when I did the really exciting task of cleaning the oven!!

Now 2 days in to my leave from work, I’m not feeling quite so overwhelmed
So the answer to the question  “How do you eat an elephant?  is:….one bite at a time!!”   Not that I’d want to eat one of these magnificent mammals of course, but I find the metaphor helpful 🙂