mind over matter or climbing kilimanjaro

Something I’d like to do some day.

In a Search of Balance

I’ve been meaning to climb Kili for some time now. I’d read it was the most accessible out of the Seven Summits (highest on each continent) and it seemed like a good starting point to going well over 5,000m and tackling some of the other Seven down the line 😉 For a couple of years I’d been looking into a trip down to Tanzania, but the prices I’d found for Kili had been in excess of $2k or even $2.5k which put me off. So the initial plan when we flew in was actually to going for Mt. Meru, which is often cited as a tougher climb despite its 4,565m altitude, quite a lot less than the 5,895m of Uhuru (highest peak of Kilimanjaro).

But as soon as I saw the latter in the distance, I knew I’d set my heart on reaching the top of Africa long ago and…

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