Moving Mountains in MK

T minus 169

The week has gone by so quickly again. It’s Friday already and we’re two weeks into term. It feels like time is rushing by and Mwanza draws ever closer. Meanwhile in MK there are mountains to move!

I’m sure that most people have had the experience of tidying a room and realising that things at one point are worse than when you started. There is mess everywhere and it feels like you’re getting nowhere. Earlier in this blog I recounted the experience of my son’s room. Imagine expanding this to a whole house. This week Anita has spent time scanning and shredding a lot of the paper work. Meanwhile we have sold the first few items on eBay earning raising over £100 which is great. Meanwhile my workload has revolved around report writing for my Year 13 tutor group. As a teacher it is difficult to offer much help clearing as my work takes most evenings, so for me the weekends are key.

It still seems that there is a mountain to move and we seem to be making little progress. Selling things takes time and we need to do more on this front. We have nearly cleared out the paperwork but need to get rid of stuff – there is no space to put anything. We may need to do another “car boot” earlier than expected.

Tomorrow the much delayed start to clearing the loft needs to start. There is much up there which has not been used in over a decade. I know that it will make more mess but has to be done.

Anita has nearly two weeks off from today and we’re having a coffee at Cafe Nero to relax before the hard work begins.



The plan is that she will use the time to get the house ready to put it on the market. Her parents are down for a few days too – so hopefully we can break the back of it. Including sorting out those minor bits of DIY you never get around to (courtesy of Geoff).

We’re hoping to move mountains in Milton Keynes!

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