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Don’t get calm; get excited!

Check out my brother’s blog – some interesting thoughts – I’m definitely excited and carrying on with our move overseas!

Stephen Long's Blog

We’ve all seen them: Keep calm and…

They’re everywhere. It might be quicker to show what hasn’t been ‘Keep calm’-ed than to show all the ones that have. It started in the Second World War and proved a powerful propaganda weapon against the threats of Germany. It wasn’t actually released to the public but it was made by the Ministry of Information. Here is the familiar Keep Calm and Carry On.

Keep Calm and Carry OnBut you know that of course. You might even be someone who’s been gifted or bought one of its spin-offs such:

Keep Calm and Call Batman

Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate

Keep Calm and Blog On

OK, I will then!

Psychology has things to say about so much we find humour in, sell, or just enjoy talking about. Sometimes, it’s in counter-intuitive ways too and here’s one for today by me:

Don’t get calm; get excited!

There was a…

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Moving Mountains in MK

T minus 169

The week has gone by so quickly again. It’s Friday already and we’re two weeks into term. It feels like time is rushing by and Mwanza draws ever closer. Meanwhile in MK there are mountains to move! Continue reading