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A thousand views :-)

T minus 178

Wow! I started this blog 12 days ago and in that time we’ve had over a 1000 views from all over the planet.

Thanks for taking an interest in our ramblings. It’s very encouraging. Some may recognise who they are, based on the country. Interestingly people have viewed us from every continent apart from South America.
We’ve also been followed by some interesting people and (to be honest) some more unusual ones.


This blogging lark is quite addictive you know. 😀


Mwanza, Tanzania’s almost undiscovered city on Lake Victoria

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Some interesting Mwanza insights ATC News by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome MWANZA THE (ALMOST) UNDISCOVERED CITY ON LAKE VICTORIA (Mwanza, Tanzanias Lake Victoria lake side city / source: ExoticExpeditionsTanzania.com) Even for East Africans, Mwanza has an exotic ring to … Continue reading