The Day After

T minus 185

A busy day of clearing yesterday focussing mainly on the kids bedrooms.

It was all bit overwhelming at times.

However it is now done and we have clean and tidy rooms ahead of today’s visit by the valuer.



The bin men will have their work cut out today but it’s all been worth it.


Dropping Mum back today and then the rest of Half Term has to be devoted to school work. So the loft will have to wait!

For now the Garage is full – but tidy and ready for a Car Boot in the coming weeks.


3 responses to “The Day After

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  3. What a refreshing and relaxing half term break you are having! Your bin men are going to love you! There again it will be good practice for them for when you clear the loft … if your’s is anything like mine was when I moved after 17 years in the same house.


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